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How To Avoid The Fake Psychic Medium.

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As more and more people on this planet are awakening, the demand for psychics and intuitives is as high as it ever was. There are clairvoyants, akashic record keepers, tarot readers and past life regression healers to be found all over the web. But sadly not everyone professing to have these skills is actually on the level. So how do we sniff them out? What do we do to avoid being scammed by the Fake Psychic Medium?


At this point, I’d like to say there are many, many gifted psychics and intuitives out there. For every fake psychic medium I stumble across online, I meet countless other honest souls who are genuinely vibrating on a higher level. These are the people who have a genuine gift. They are motivated by a desire to use it to help others, not by wanting cash any which way they can grab it.


The Fake Psychic Medium


The bad news is, there are a few dodgy, questionable and downright criminal people out there masquerading as psychics. These are the guys who have figured out how best to profit from the misfortune of others. The ones who lure you in with hollow words and empty promises. The people who prey on the vulnerable and attempt to capitalise on their problems. People like the archytypal ‘Fake Psychic Medium’ who make a comfortable living peddling shit 💩💩


Because the spiritual world is such an unknown, it’s a great place for imposters to hang out unregulated and unchallenged. They rely on the fact that there is no actual, physical proof

Stupid people like that really piss me off because they give the rest of us a bad name.


The good news is, with minimal investigation on your part, you can weed out the ones who basically don’t have a clue.  Thus you go on to fully win at life by working intuitively with someone who really knows their stuff 🌞


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Read on for more about my run ins with ‘The Fake Psychic Medium.’


As a Tarot reader I find it much easier to interpret cards for other people than for myself. There’s always the matter of objectivity to consider. So recently I decided to use the services of an online ‘psychic,’ by way of a free question answering service.


It was not a positive experience.


Firstly, the answer I received was so irrelevant to my question that I doubt a human being had gone anywhere near it! It was quite clearly one of a selection of stock answers, probably randomly generated by computer and absolutely no help to me whatsoever.


Secondly, unbeknown to me, I had signed myself up to the mailing list… cue daily missives informing me that there was something incredibly important I needed to know. The intensity of these increased by the day. Did I realise that I was a special case? The psychic was amazed by what she had found! She didn’t normally get so personally involved but was making an exception for me… all I had to do was book a full reading, pay up, and find out what was so important.


This was starting to honk of The Fake Psychic Medium to me, so I asked another question from a different email address and whaddya know? Exactly the same messages day in day out asking for money. Needless to say I didn’t pay anything and got no further insights. The frantic messages are still coming, but now they are filling up my spam folder.




It does make me sad to come across fraudsters like that who just do not give a shit about other people. The Fake Psychic Medium simply sees a deep human need and a way to manipulate it for their own ends. Worse, these charlatans can often afford to pay top dollar for their advertising and SEO. This means any lost soul googling for help finds them first, gets sucked in by them and then shat on.


I am also disappointed by experiences I’ve had with a couple of fellow Tarotistas online. In fact, only today I had an experience with someone who can best be described as ‘significantly less than genuine.’ She came to me claiming to be a professional reader of fifteen years, wanting a reading done by me. She cut me off after one sentence to paste her own interpretation of the card. This was a pre-written list of keywords and abstract sentences that she sends out to all of her clients when reading for them. A carbon copy of stored information for each card.


Further inspection revealed it was a direct copy and paste from the top ranking Google search listing for that particular card. Not only was she plagiarising somebody else’s work and passing it off as her own thoughts, she then went on to use it to try and trip me up. Apparently I was doing it all wrong because my interpretation wasn’t exactly the same as ‘hers.’


Intuitive Tarot


Everybody reads differently, and she is right that there are basic meanings attributed to each card. But ask yourself this: If it was as simple as picking a card and googling the results, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?


There is so much more to the tarot than just regurgitating somebody else’s ideas. Handing out cookie cutter explanations for each card doesn’t make you a seasoned tarot reader, much like selling paint-by-numbers for a living doesn’t make you an artist. Just saying 😉


For me, the tarot deck is layered in meaning. I use my knowledge of the symbols, numbers, colours etc and my understanding of the major and minor arcana to interpret the story in the picture. I also rely on my intuition and twenty years experience of reading for others to understand the message and how it relates to the querent’s situation.


Finding A Genuine Psychic


So what about the other people like me who are completely on the level and out to help, not harm? Where do you find them and how do you know the difference?


Do your research and listen to your gut 🌞


Psychics and intuitives who genuinely want to help you, aren’t in it for the money. Don’t get me wrong, we provide a valuable service and deserve to be paid accordingly, but that isn’t what motivates us. In order to spot the genuine article amongst the money grabbing charlatans, you need to do a bit of investigating.


1. Social Media.

Websites are all well and good for a bit of info, but to really get to know the personality behind the name, check out their facebook page. Do their posts sound on the level or text book standard? Do they interact with their followers beyond selling a product or service? Check out their Twitter and Instagram. Is there authentic content or just a series of memes and retweets? The Fake Psychic Medium has no character to their profile Do they pin their own articles to Pinterest? If there is a loyal following, get involved in the community. Ask other people about their experiences. Post comments and see what level of engagement there is from admin.


2. Testimonials.

Most websites display recent testimonials from happy customers. But how can you be sure they are for real? Again, social media is the place to go. Individual reviews on facebook pages can’t be deleted so they tend to be a fairly honest account of the customer experience. However, the system is open to abuse and they aren’t necessarily that reliable all of the time. Twitter is a place people love to rant, so searches for hashtags about a potential Fake Psychic Medium may yield results. Likewise with Instagram. Do some digging.


3. Talk To Them.

Get in touch with your potential Fake Psychic Medium and ask them questions about themselves and their practice. Do they answer personally or does it seem like a standard reply? Do they seem knowledgable? Are they interested in your situation, or simply how much it may be worth to them? Do they seem pushy or persuasive? Use your instincts.


4. Hit Google.

Avoid the big sponsored results at the top and look deeper. Use key words and phrases relevent to the type of practitioner you are looking for. This is a great way to find blogs, facebook groups, group pinterest boards etc. Look out for smaller businesses run by knowledgable people who actually care. There are plenty out there, you just have to be discerning 🌞


And finally, listen to your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t!

How To Avoid The Fake Psychic Medium by Enevow Holyer A Cornish Hedgewitch

Don’t hand over any money until you are absolutely sure you know exactly what you are getting in return and what the refund policy/satisfaction guarantee is.

Most importantly? Don’t be afraid to challenge the Fake Psychic Medium.


Have you had an experience with a Fake Psychic Medium? Do you know someone who lies about their psychic ability to make money? I’d love to hear your thoughts…(I think?!) Please be kind and lets try not to Jeremy Kyle this shit 😄 Drop me a comment below.


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      Hi George – sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with psychic. I’ve had to star out the name because I don’t fancy a lawsuit on my hands! If I can help with whatever you went to see the psychic for, I’d be delighted.

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