Enevow Holyer's Easy Money Spell Using Tarot and Mandrake Root

Enevow Holyer’s Easy Money Spell For Beginners.

The Money Multiplier – Easy Money Spell Using Tarot Cards and Mandrake Root.


This is a great little spell, perfect for those times when you need some emergency funds. The easy money spell is most powerful when cast during the waxing moon. The closer you are to the full moon, the more concentrated the energy you will raise. If you aren’t able to wait however, you should go ahead and cast wherever in the lunar cycle you are. The universe is nothing if not adaptable and the spell can be tweaked to suit your circumstances.


Enevow Holyer's Easy Money Spell Using Tarot and Mandrake Root


Working With Mandrake Root In The Easy Money Spell


Obviously the key ingredient in this easy money spell is Mandrake Root. Not so easy is getting hold of it. I have previously been given mandrake root for use in my spells and never found myself in the position of needing to get hold of it, up until this week. Personally, I like to grow my own plants and herbs as far as possible, but haven’t had a lot of luck with the Mandragora.


If growing is not an option for you, there is always the option of buying your herbs as you need them. I’m happy to do this for the more obscure ingredients and poisonous plants I’d rather not risk having in the garden. Conduct a little research, compare prices, check out the growing conditions and harvesting technique, ask questions.


For this casting of the easy money spell, I settled on chopped mandrake root preserved in oil which I found on Etsy. I was unsure of how powerful the decoction was, so decided to boost it by also using a piece of the money plant succulent, also known as Jade.


Before attempting any spell work, you are advised to check out my Disclaimer.


Enevow Holyer Easy Money Spell


For The Easy Money Spell You Will Need:


● Candles (I use 3 as they fit my candelabra)

● The Money You Wish To Multiply

● Mandrake Oil (or a substitution)

● A Chunk Of Mandrake Root (or a substitution)

● The Pentacle Court Cards From Your Tarot Deck

● Dust From Your Wallet

● White Tissue Paper

Fortune Oil


Easy Money Spell Ritual


● Begin by setting up your space. I have a candelabra I use specifically for my spells, which sits in front of a painted stone for earth, and a burning incense cone for air. I use the three candles for fire and for this ritual, I used some of the full moon water I brewed last month. Sometimes I like to use fresh seawater, but a pile of sea glass, pebbles or shells can represent the ocean just as well.


● Here is where you get to personalise your easy money spell to make it relevant to you. A little planning in advance is key. I used a silver star amulet from my wallet and a piece of rose quartz. This is a traditional healer of romantic troubles, and these have certainly been impacting on my ability to earn money recently.


● Annoint the candles with Mandrake Oil. If you don’t have any to hand, Fortune Oil  is a great substitution. I used white candles, but you could also use silver and gold to represent cash, or purple/brown/green to correspond with notes. While you are rubbing the candles with oil, (from top to bottom, as you are drawing the money towards you, or if you are using tealights, clockwise) begin to visualise your finances multiplying. Concentrate on the idea of money flowing into your life, from multiple sources. See your bank balance increasing, your wallet bulging, you rolling on a bed of cash… whatever works!


● As you light the candles, set your intention clearly. When I cast this spell on May’s Eve, I asked for my money to multiply quickly and safely. Pick up the lit incense cone and move it around so the smoke wreaths in and out of the candles and work space. Use this to bless and consecrate your tools and area.


● Take some time to inhale the incense and gaze into the candle flames. Visualise the annointing oil evaporating and combining with the energy of the fire within your work space. Pass your root through the smoke from the incense cone, focusing on what you need it to do. At this point I took the piece of succulent and passed it through the incense, asking it to combine powers with the mandrake root in oil and draw money into my life.


● See the energy growing. If you are new to spell casting, visualising the energy as being contained inside a purple bubble can be helpful. Watch as it builds and grows, keeping it within your space until you are ready to release it into the universe at the end of the ritual. Some like to chant whilst raising power. I often read a rhyming incantation here to really get things going, but on this occasion, the time I had guaranteed without interruption was limited.


● Take the money you wish to multiply in your left hand. Thank it for coming into your life and ask that it returns to you, times how ever much you need. I used a twenty, and asked it to return threefold. Next take the root and wrap the money around it, continuing to visualise your intention. To ‘cement’ the spell, you are going to enclose the parcel with the four court cards from the tarot. In this case, the suit of pentacles is representative of money.


● Start with the Page of Pentacles. Ask him to bring his youthful enthusiasm and childlike energy to ensure the money you receive is innocent and pure. Dont worry about details or how the spell will work, just concentrate on the the important elements the Page contributes to your spell. Press the card face down on one side of the parcel and trace a Pentacle over the back of it in your anointing oil.


● Ask the Knight to ride on into your life with the money as soon as possible. Use his confidence and movement to propel your spell forward. Place the card facing inwards on the other side of the parcel, tracing the Pentacle sign across the back in oil. Repeat these steps with the remaining cards, placing them on top of the others and tracing a pentacle on the reverse side. Ask the Queen to use her inward focusing energy to boost your intention, and her maternal, nurturing nature to protect you and bring the money to you safely and positively. Request that the King use his powerful authority and outward focusing energies to get the job done.


● Place the parcel on your white tissue paper. You need a few layers so the oil doesn’t make it disintegrate. Wrap it up carefully, including a pinch of dust from your wallet and any amulets or crystals from your ritual. I added my bottle of Mandrake Root here. Visualise each element of the spell coming together as you wrap, and fold the edges in. See everything working in harmony. When you are ready, put your parcel in front of the candles. Consecrate it with smoke from the incense. Make a Pentacle sign.


● Lastly, you need to release the energy. Go back to your purple bubble and visualise it expanding as it covers the parcel, then the candles, moving on to encircle your whole work space. When you are ready, mentally ‘pop’ the bubble sending the energy contained within rushing back out into the universe.


● Add some Fortune Oil to your burner or diffuser. Leave the parcel in the glow of the candles and oil. Allow the candles to burn down. If you have to extinguish them early, use a candle snuffer or wet fingers. Resist the urge to blow out the candles as this diminishes the power of the spell.


● The next day, unwrap the parcel. Thank the court cards for their help and return them to your deck. Thank the money for coming into your life, then remind it exactly what you want it to do. Break the note as soon as you can, as the money cannot return to you until it is out there. When you use it to pay for something, hand it over whilst folded in half and with the happy intention that it will multiply and return.


I last cast this spell on May’s Eve 2017, by the gentle energy of the waxing crescent. The next day at Beltane, eighty pounds came into my possession in the form of four twenty pound notes. The threefold I had requested with an extra!


A couple of nights later I repeated the spell using a cheque for one hundred pounds. The following day I received an unexpected cheque through the post for five hundred pounds.


Have you used the easy money spell successfully? Perhaps you’ve improvised or added something in. Let me know how it works for you in the comments below!

Jasmine ⛥


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