How To Silence A Slanderous Ex - Ask Jasmine - A Cornish Hedgewitch

How To Silence A Slanderous Ex – Ask Jasmine

How To Silence A Slanderous Ex - Ask Jasmine - A Cornish Hedgewitch


Hi Jasmine, please can you help me?

My girlfriend left me, but I didn’t do anything – it was because she had a fling with my mate. First I was gutted and wanted her back, but now I want her to stop chatting shit about me. How can I make her stop? 

Jake, Middlesex



Dear Jake,

I’m sorry to hear your girlfriend left you for your ‘friend.’ (I use the term loosely here.) What a huge betrayal for you to have to cope with. Cheating in a relationship can be soul destroying so I’ll start by sending a big virtual hug πŸ€—

The break down of any relationship is traumatic, but to have your trust abused (in a fairly epic way) by your mate at the same time is the double whammy. You say at first you wanted your girlfriend back, which is a natural and very common reaction, but now your primary concern is to get her to stop gossiping behind your back.

Aren’t humans weird! She’s cheated, she’s left you, she’s taken your mate with her and now, to add insult to injury, she’s gone into slander mode. This, my friend, is a sign of the guilty conscience. If what she is saying about you is pure fiction, please take heart in the fact that she has to make you the bad guy in an attempt to justify her dastardly deeds. The woman clearly has no shame (or class, but this isn’t a lecture on morals πŸ˜‰)

Time to get out of that particular shit storm I’m thinking Jake. Turn your back on the drama and your eyes to the future. The best revenge is living well, so get some pics out there of you looking fly and not giving a crap about what that pair of  wrong’uns are up to. Don’t give her the reaction she wants and give a brief thanks to the universe for ensuring that her trickery is now someone else’s problem!!

All sounds pretty boring and sensible so far… what about the unwanted chit chat flying about the place? Well, obviously I should be advising you to walk tall and turn the other cheek, but I’m not the one having my reputation slayed on social media. Luckily, I also have a Plan B for when enough really is enough.


Enevow Holyer Simple Spell To Silence Slander

This is a slightly grim but incredibly effective way to get someone who is bitching about you to STFU! It involves getting hold of a whole tongue. No, not human – cow’s tongue will do just fine in this case – ask your friendly neighbourhood butcher.

The idea behind this spell is to bind your enemy’s lying tongue. In representative, sympathetic magick, it is necessary to use something belonging to the person you wish to silence to personalise the spell. Dirt with their footprint in it is incredibly powerful but not always easy to obtain, so you need to get creative. Some hair or nail clippings, a photograph, or even a piece of paper on which you write their name and date of birth will all do fine.

Slit the tongue with a sharp knife and stuff the personal item into the gap. Whilst doing this, visualise the person unable to carry on gossiping about you. See them start to speak and become incoherently tongue tied until they change the subject. You could also use some banishing oil or dust to boost your spell.

Next you are going to bind the tongue with string, securely covering every inch whilst repeating this incantation:


Out of sight and out of mind

Your vicious tongue I now must bind

No more rumours, no more lies

Slander ceased, this tongue is tied!


Feel free to personalise this bit. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but chanting is a great way of raising energy and you may find it easier if it rhymes.

Next, you need to finish up the spell by burying it. At a cross roads or in a cemetery is good. Dig the hole, see off your spell, then walk away and don’t look back.

As the tongue rots into the ground, so the spell is sealed.


Wishing you the best luck! πŸ˜‰


Jasmine πŸ–‘


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  1. Sandra says:

    I need help my ex split from his girlfriend and he’s told her all my business and grassessed me up about receiving money from a pay off with my ex husband, I was claiming social so I’m going to be in a lot of trouble, how can I stop her gunning for me all I want is to be left alone to live my life xx

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