Enevow Holyer. FAQ About A Cornish Hedgewitch


What is Enevow Holyer?

Enevow Holyer is cornish for Follower of the Soul, and is also my ‘witchy’ name! But Facebook isn’t big on pseudonyms so most people know me as Jasmine, aka A Cornish Hedgewitch.


What is a Hedgewitch?

A hedgewitch is a solo practitioner of magick who follows their own eclectic path, within the umbrella of traditional witchcraft. I’m not Pagan or Wiccan – I actually don’t follow any specific religion. In my spellcraft I work with some saints and deities from different denominations, and call on my dearly departed in spirit; but I don’t worship anyone or anything.

A hedgewitch uses various combinations of herbs, flowers and roots, plus the art of divination, to bring about physical and emotional healing. I celebrate the changing of the seasons and observe the phases of the moon in my spell work.

The term hedgewitch comes from hedgerider. This describes someone who walks the boundary or ‘hedge’ between spirit and the mundane world, with a foot in each camp, as it were. 

As a cornish hedgewitch, I have an eclectic and adaptable style of working. My practice is firmly rooted in the romany lore and old cornish custom of my ancestors, with my own personal interpretation and use of found items. I’m not part of a coven and I practice magick quietly and discreetly, with whatever is to hand. For me, it isn’t about the ceremony of casting circles and calling up the corners. I do what needs to be done, at the time, to get the job done.


Are You A Psychic Medium?

I steer away from that title, because sadly there are many so-called ‘mediums’ out there. Often (not always) they turn out to be unscrupulous crooks trying to cash in on people who are in need.

(Read about my experiences with online psychic mediums HERE.)

I am an intuitive empath, which means I can feel other peoples’ emotions like they are my own. I am also claircognizant and clairsentient. I feel and know things that other people don’t. 


What Exactly Does A Hedgewitch Do?

A hedgewitch works with herbs, roots and oils amongst other things, to create powerful natural remedies for common complaints. I use my tarot cards to gain insight into and understanding of other peoples’ problems. And obviously, being a hedgewitch, I am a spell caster. My spellcraft combines my knowledge of the traditional craft with my experiences of romany folklore and cornish pellar tradition. I build eclectic, vibrant and powerful spells with rituals that are rich in symbological meaning.


Do You Practice Black Magic?

I don’t see magick as being black or white because, for me, it’s just not that simple. Like everything in nature, magick is both positive and negative- it just depends on your perspective. The intent of the spell caster is what determines how the energy will manifest, and my intentions depend completely on what I need the outcome of the spell to be. A great way to look at it is to see magick as fuel. You can use this fuel to power an ambulance or to burn down a hospital. Obviously they are both extreme examples, but the point is, the petrol isn’t to blame for either outcome. The responsibility lies with the one who uses the resource, not the resource itself.

Magick itself doesn’t adhere to any ethical standards, but every decent practitioner should. I live by the mottos ‘the best possible change’ and ‘first know thyself’ amongst others. Over time, I have also developed a personal code of ethics that I work to which you can read HERE.



Do You Curse People?

There is a great old saying, ‘a witch who can’t hex can’t heal.’ I actually do agree with that. Sometimes a shot across the bows is more than necessary to protect yourself from your haters ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have been significantly wronged with little hope of justice, exacting some revenge is a cathartic way to restore the balance. It’s easier to heal and move on when you don’t have to wait for karma to do her thing. However. This is where you reach the grey area because one person’s idea of retribution can be another person’s unjustified persecution… if you see what I mean. 

Everyone works differently, but my first line of defence in these situations is a spell to bring about the best possible change for all concerned. As an empath I don’t want to inflict unecessary pain. It directly contradicts my purpose in life, but I’m a witch, not a saint. I will use magick to defend myself and protect the people I love.

My revenge spells are sent out to bring about a necessary shift in energy. For a bully I often use a spell for instant karma. If somebody has deliberately caused me pain I will send back the gift of empathy. For a liar I will send the gift of clarity to those who need to see the truth, and so on.

As I said before, magick is only as dangerous as the true intent of the spell caster. I am a peaceful being intent on raising vibrations in this world. I will help and heal by my motto of  ‘the best possible change.’ There are occasions when something a little more intensive is required, which is a judgement call each individual has to make. I don’t concern myself with the oft misquoted ‘law of threefold.’ I have my own personal code of ethics, I know myself incredibly well and I trust my judgement to do what needs to be done.

I do not place curses or hexes in exchange for money.


Do You Do Love Spells?

I do indeed ๐Ÿ˜Š Witches have been giving cupid a nudge in the right direction since time began! I have all sorts of hedgewitch charms, spells, powders and oils suitable for attracting the love of your life.


Can You Turn My Ex Into a Toad?

Ha! You may well prefer him/her as a Toad ๐Ÿ˜‰

No. I’m afraid I have not yet learned how to defy the laws of physics…


What Makes You An Expert and Why Should I Trust You?

I’ve been living and learning hedgewitchery for twenty years now but I’m definitely not an expert. I love the fact that the more I seem to experience, the more there is to learn. As with anything in life, a person who chooses not to evolve and expand their knowledge base becomes limited in what they can achieve.

In terms of trusting me? Come and talk to me. I’m incredibly open and it won’t take long for you to realise I’m genuine ๐Ÿ˜Š

I was recently berated for not having a personal photo. There is a reason for that. Extreme empathy is as much a gift as a complete curse. I’m at a stage in my life where lessons have finally been learned. Historically I’ve put myself, and by default my family, into unfortunate situations where we all lost out. These were always driven by my need to help other people. I can feel their emotions and, because I experience my own emotions so deeply, I know exactly how shit this person is feeling.  I just can’t seem to step away.

The only way I can explain it is to say that because I feel and know things that other people miss, I have this deep seated sense of responsibility to use this information to help other people. It doesn’t always make sense and I’ve made some big cock ups. I’ve hurt people I love (accidentally, but it still hurt them) and at times had my priorities all wrong. I now value my privacy and feel happy and safe only sharing what I choose about my personal life online.


I’m currently in the process of setting up my Tarot Service. In the meantime, come and find me on Facebook or Instagram ๐ŸŒž


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