I use the term ‘ spellcraft’ here to mean the spell crafting parts of hedgewitchery. Building a spell from scratch is a deeply satisfying process, especially watching it come to fruition. By using your own symbolism and meaning you can create something highly personalised to you which is incredibly powerful. I use the word ‘craft’, because that’s exactly what it is – honing your craft. 


I also use the term ‘spellcraft’ to encompass the spell casting side of hedgewitchery. Foraging, preparation, timing, incantation, ritual etc are all important elements in creating successful magick.


A tried and tested combination of the above, plus knowledge, intuition, experience, an open mind, an adaptable approach and 100% belief are, in this witch’s opinion, the real definition of Spellcraft.


Enevow Holyer Spellcraft



Spellcraft and Tradition


Cornwall has a long standing tradition of spellcraft and hedgewitchery. Back when medicine was something most people could ill afford, the cornish would seek advice from the local wise woman. The Pellar, as she was known, was proficient in many skills, much like a GP nowadays. She had an understanding of herbal medicine, an ability to offer insight and counsel via divination, and many spells and rituals for day to day life. Most importantly for the times, she was able to offer spells of protection, remove hexes and dispense curses.


It would have been a lonely life as the pellar tended to live on the edges of society. Their abilities in matters most didn’t understand made them a scary proposition and they were often stigmatised. Little wonder then that traditional spellcraft in cornwall is still shrouded in secrecy. We keep it on the low low and leave it to our Pagan and Wiccan friends to be out and proud 😉


Spellcraft and Medicine


The amazing advancements in medicine and technology over the years have often been to the detriment of traditional spellcraft and herbal healing. In the twenty first century however, we are much more open to looking at things holistically. Many are now falling back on the old ways to gain insight into the complexities of modern life.


To find out more about herbs and how they can make a huge impact on your wellbeing, alongside modern medicine, check out my article on Hedgerow Healing.


Modern Spellcraft


I find my knowledge of herbs and spellcraft to be extremely relevant in day to day life. When you need to make every penny count, knowing how to make an effective home remedy with added magickal oomph is pretty cool. With modifications and adaptations where necessary, the old spells and customs have just as much relevancy in modern daily life as they ever did.


Can Anybody Cast A Spell?


Understanding how to raise energy, fill it with your intention and then release it into the universe is something anybody can do effectively with enough practise, yet it remains a mystery to so many. The truth is that anybody can indeed cast a spell, but not just anybody can cast a successful spell.


If you go into it half baked, with no idea what you are doing and not really thinking it will work, then it won’t. Sometimes if you go into it fully prepared with everything memorised and hoping for the best, it still doesn’t work. It is only when you enter into it fully believing in the outcome and knowing it will work, that the spell is successful.


Know Your Self/Stuff


The key to getting to this stage? A bit of research. The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ can be taken quite literally in spellcraft. If you spend a bit of time researching why you are using the ingredients you are, what they symbolise, and where they can help you, it is much easier to see how the spell will work. Any decent magick follows a trail of logic, however illogical it may seem. By taking the time to discover the ‘what, why, where, when and how,’ you are boosting the spell’s power by your understanding. This will always be more effective than blindly following someone else’s ideas with no concept of how it is supposed to manifest.




Alot of the spells and rituals on this site have been handed down to me over the years. I’ve adapted and updated where necessary to make sure they remain relevant for twenty first century life.


At its most basic level, spell casting is about building energy to send into the universe and bring about the change you desire. Exactly what type of energy that happens to be depends on the intent of the spell caster. Before you start, you need to really know what it is you want to achieve AND be prepared to live with the consequences.


There are many spells that require walking away and not looking back after completion. I think there is great merit in this. Once you have cast your spell, it is best to let the energy go and not think about it for a while. If you are constantly wondering if it’s working or not, the power of the spell is diluted. Send it out there and move on to the next 😊



It takes time, a ton of practise and a shit ton of information gathering to get to the point where you can create and cast powerful, personal and successful spells. There are no short cuts and it is a bumpy road, but once you crack it… wow! 


For more about creating your own magick, check out my Anatomy Of A Spell post HERE.


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