Onion and Pin Love Spell.

Onion and Pin Love Spell

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You’ve probably found your way here by looking for magickal ways to reunite with your ex, or perhaps you are looking for new love. The Onion and Pin Love Spell is very popular, but by no means the only trick you have at your disposal. Want to see what other people in your situation have tried? Have a look at my ASK A WITCH section.

Onion and Pin Love Spell


The onion and pin love spell is a simple ‘Return To Me’ ritual from my grimoire. These spells are based around time honoured traditional ways, to attract and secure your heart’s desire. In this case, the spell uses sympathetic magick to encourage your lover’s return, for whatever reason they may have departed.


Advice For The Onion and Pin Love Spell


This is a 7 day spell, to cast while the moon is waxing. The closer you are to full moon, the more powerful this will be. To maximise the success of this spell, I recommend identifying when the next full moon will be (there is a handy lunar calendar in the side bar) and working backwards 7 days.


For More Spells And Rituals Check Out My Grimoire HERE.


For example, as I write, the next full moon will be on wednesday 31st January (the second this month which is pretty special!). Count back 7 days to thursday 25th January when the moon is in the first quarter, and begin your workings that night. If possible, it should be performed at the same time each night.


If you can’t wait that long, any time whilst the moon is in wax will be fine. We use this phase to draw what we desire towards us. For an added oomph, begin on a friday which is representative of Venus, goddess of love.




Before attempting any spell work, you are strongly advised to read my Disclaimer. You can see other simple spells for daily life HERE.


onion and pin love spell to reunite estranged lovers.



For The Onion and Pin Love Spell You Will Need:


  • A box of new sewing pins, with red/pink tops if possible

  • A red onion, peeled

  • The strong desire to have your lover returned


As with all spellwork, please be sure to clearly set your intention before commencing. Picture your lost love (use a photograph if need be), and on the first night, place a pin into the red onion.


As you gently pierce the onion, visualise yourself placing a thought into your lover’s mind. As you do this, speak the following incantation aloud, and with purpose:


Onion and Pin Love Spell Incantation


‘I hold this onion in my hand, but in your head my words will land.

And as this pin doth gently prick, your heart will swell, your mind will tick.

You’ll think of me both night and day, as yearning builds, to grow and stay.

Til time that you can wait no more, when you’ll come knocking at my door.’


You can repeat this if you like, as a means of raising energy.


onion and pin love spell to reunite estranged lovers.

I use red onions because of the symbology in that beautiful deep magenta pink. White will do if you get stuck.



Onion and Pin Love Spell Notes


Leave the onion where the rising sun will catch it and enlighten your workings. The spell needs to be repeated for 7 consecutive nights, at the same time if you can manage it.


On the 8th day, once the 7 pins are in the onion, your return to me love spell is completed. Plant the onion outside, or if this is not possible, plant it in a pot and leave it near the window.


Is there a different onion and pin love spell you use? Have you tried this one? Let me know in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Onion and Pin Love Spell

  1. Alice says:

    hi. I did the spell and, because I live in an apartment, I put the onion on a pot near my window, but the onion started to bloom. What does it mean? what should I do with it?

  2. muun says:

    My dear partner of 5 1/2 years left me nearly two weeks ago. My struggle with 2 years of depression was too much for him in the end. I asked my spirit guides to give me clarity, and suddenly my mind opened up and I have never been so level-headed, so I know that having him back in my life is what I want, plus I know I need help to prevent this happening again.
    But I’m not a witch, completely new to all of this, but I am very open-minded. I suppose I am a bit desperate right now. I have been attempting the Law of Attraction of which I am a believer, and every 3-4 days I feel things are manifesting my way, but living with my ex is causing me to have setbacks every few days. I would prefer to have him back sooner rather than later as our lease is up in March. I know with whatever method I choose it’s going to take time though…
    I suppose this spell won’t work if my ex sees the onion? And will it work for a first-timer?

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