Enevow Holyer's Thyme Honey Recipe

Thyme Honey Recipe


Enevow Holyer's Thyme Honey Recipe



As kids, we would watch my mum make thyme honey by poking the stalks from fresh thyme into a jar of honey that was then used as cough medicine. The combination of thyme and honey is very soothing for the mucus tract which can become irritated after a viral or bacterial infection, leaving you with a dry or tickly cough which is hard to shift.

Thyme honey can be taken from the spoon and is completely safe and effective for children. It can also be used in salad dressing, or dissolved in hot water or herbal tea.

To Make Thyme Honey:

To make the honey, you need to infuse it.

Fill your clean and sterile jar half full with fresh thyme. Flowers and leaves are nicer than stalk unless finely chopped.

Cover the herb with pourable honey, to the top of the jar. Give it a quick stir to ensure all of the thyme is covered, and try to eliminate any air bubbles. Screw the lid on tightly and leave it somewhere warm to infuse for between 2 to 3 weeks.

If you need this more quickly, you can use the double boiler method as shown in the Lip Salve Recipe.

Removing the herbs is a messy and frustrating process which is why I recommend you chop your herbs finely, so you canleave it in there.

The honey will last for several months if prepared correctly and stored somewhere cool and dark.


For more about herbal medicine, please check out my Hedgerow Healing section.


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