Rattly Chest Oil by Enevow Holyer - A Cornish Hedgewitch

Enevow Holyer’s Rattly Chest Oil

Rattly Chest Oil by Enevow Holyer - A Cornish Hedgewitch

Enevow Holyer’s Rattly Chest Oil

I created the rattly chest oil blend for when you can breathe easily but there is a residue of phlegm in your lungs causing your chest to ‘rattle’ (lovely old cornish description!).

The largest component of the blend is clary sage oil, one of my most favourite smells in the world. Clary sage has anti-spasmodic and anti-bacterial properties, and is a natural anti-depressant, as well as smelling bleddy ‘ansome!

The base note of sandalwood helps to fight infection, cures coughs and colds and boosts the immune system. It also goes beautifully with clary sage. The combination of the two smells to me like a classy gents aftershave.

Finally I use lime essential oil for the top note. Lime helps to fight infection and fever which often go hand in hand with a bad chest.

If you’re a beginner to Aromatherapy, you can read my Essential Oils 101 post HERE.

Enevow Holyer’s Rattly Chest Oil Recipe

5  drops of Clary Sage

3 drops of Lime

2 drops of Sandalwood

I use this combination in my oil burner, with water. It gently scents the air, but for an oomph, I sometimes put the electric fan behind the burner to disperse it more quickly.

If you wanted to apply this topically, you should add it to 2 fl oz of carrier oil. Fractionated coconut oil is fab, and the mixture can be put in a roller bottle to apply to your pulse points and chest area.

Make sure the bottle is glass and if possible, the rollerball is metal, as essential oils are very strong and can eat their way through plastic.



I’ve seen people with horrible allergic reactions where their faces and limbs swell up like the elephant man and they have to go to the doctor anyway, to counteract the effects. Can’t stress this point too strongly, essential oils need to be treated with respect same as medicines.

Always dilute your blends with a carrier oil first. Sweet almond is a good’un, as is coconut and good old olive oil. I recommend 2 -5 drops per fl oz of oil. Start low and work your way up if you are unsure.

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