Ginger and Honey Cough Mixture


ginger and honey cough mixture recipe by enevow holyer - practicing cornish hedgewitch



Ginger and honey cough mixture is easy to make, and particularly effective at soothing sore throats and suppressing an irritating cough.

To use the ginger correctly in this recipe, you need to extract the juice from the root, also called the rhizone. This is actually much easier than it sounds, provided you have a blender of some description. Those little hand blenders are perfect and not too pricey.

Buy a chunk of fresh ginger, peel it, and cut it into small chunks around half an inch thick. Bosh the whole lot into the blender and whizz it up until you have ginger pulp.

Tip the contents into a piece of muslin and give it a really good squeeze. What comes out will be pure ginger extract. If you want to, you can then freeze it, and break off chunks as you need it.


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To make the ginger and honey cough mixture you then simply combine equal amounts of the ginger juice with runny honey, and take small amounts as necessary to kick that cough into touch.


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