Black salt - uses and a recipe for this must have staple in any witch's cabinet. Witchcraft basics by Enevow Holyer - The Eclectic Witch

Witchcraft Basics: Black Salt

Black Salt - how to make and use witches salts, by Tuesday Thomas - the Undefined Witch




Black Salt


I was talking about black salt just the other day. A lady had found a suspicious bag of stones on her property and wanted to protect herself while she figured out what they were. I recommended dousing them in black salt and burying them in the freezer.


Then I realised, I couldn’t remember the exact recipe I used when making my black salt a few months back. I really need to get my grimoire straight as I have notes, scribbles and scrawls all over the place.


I’m not especially organised, and my ‘witching’ tends to go in fits and starts. I also work intuitively a lot of the time AND have a shocking memory…


This means I’ve come to really rely on the notes I write after my spells.


Anyway, I’ve now found my recipe for black salt and thought I would share here.


For more about how to make your own witchcraft essentials, check out the apothecary.


A Note About Salt


Salt is one of the most important ingredients for any witch to keep in their cupboard. Yes, that pink himalayan salt looks lush in spell bottles and is the fad of the moment, but it’s not especially cost effective.


I buy the sea salt you get in supermarkets for a lot cheaper. If you need your salt to be pink, then it’s fairly simple to DIY it, and much more personal to you.


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Magickal Uses For Salt


Famously, ‘salt does what you tell it to,’ which is why most witches swear by it. Salt water cleanses, purifys and consecrates your tools and work space. A line of black salt can protect you and banish others. It is used in blessings and curses alike, and can be made in all of the colours of the rainbow. You can literally make a salt to suit whatever magickal purpose you can think of.


Black Salt For Protection


Black Salt can be made to protect, or for cursing – it depends on which herbs you use and what intention you give it.


Here is how I made my current batch of protective black salt:

What You Will Need:

  • Charcoal Discs
  • Small Cast Iron Dish With Lid
  • Tealights
  • Tongs
  • Cauldron (THIS is the one I use)
  • Salt
  • Full Moon Water
  • Lavender + Mace + Mugwort + any other protective herbs you like
  • Dragon’s Blood Oil/Powder
  • Fluid Condenser (optional)
  • County Court Dirt (or equivalent)
  • Grave(yard) Dirt
  • Black Pepper
  • Frankincense Essential Oil (or equivalent)
  • Myrrh Essential Oil (or equivalent)


Where it says ‘or equivalent’ use your best judgement. You can always check your magickal correspondences in my post HERE.


Start by following the instructions HERE for how to safely build a small cauldron fire.


* Boil up some full moon water and salt to cleanse the cauldron of your previous working. Tap water will do, the main thing is to let it boil dry.

* Add a tsp each of dried lavender, mace and mugwort. You could add any other protective herbs that feel right for you.

* To this I added dragon’s blood oil, frankincense and myrrh essential oils, salt and a good dollop of county court dirt. I also added a few drops of fluid condenser which I will write about in another post.


All sounding like too much hassle? You can buy my own recipe, hand made and ready to use Black Salt here.


* Put the lid on and cook the mixture down until it is dry and crispy.

* Put out the fire (ideally with a lid so the charcoal doesn’t get wet) and mash up the waxy charcoal. Then add the cooked herbs, mashed charcoal and however much salt you need to your pestle and mortar.

* To this I added a good few grinds of black pepper and some dirt from my father-in-law’s grave (properly collected) and ground the whole lot up together, whilst focusing on my intent to create something that would protect me, my home and my family. Infuse the mixture with your intent.


To read about how to gather dirt for your spells correctly, please read my post about Graveyard Dirt HERE


* Next, I charged it under the dark moon and asked Hecate to bless it and us. I also left her a small offering of mint tea and honey because you don’t get something for nothing in this world or the other 🙄

* I store it in a lidded tupperware pot and use it for many things. It smells great! A pinch in my cleansing showers & baths, fling some over the car before we drive anywhere, a sprinkling in my son’s shoe… you get the picture.


I hope this has been helpful. As always, I’d love to hear from any of you about this, or any other witchy things you’d like to talk about. How do you use black salt? Is your recipe different? Perhaps you’d like recipes and uses for other salts or have some to share. Leave a comment below.


Tuesday xxx

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