the 411 on how to safely build an indoor fire strong enough to get your cauldron to a rolling boil.

Witchcraft Basics: Building A Small Cauldron Fire


Witchcraft Basics: Building A Small Cauldron Fire - Enevow Holyer - The Eclectic Hedgewitch

Making Fire


Building a small cauldron fire is a useful skill to have. One of the most exciting parts of witchcraft involves creating fire to carry out your magickal workings. Most of us know how to make one outside, but there are times when you need an indoor fire. These are the times when you need it to be small, contained and above all, safe.


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Here are my top tips for building a small cauldron fire the right way.


What You Will Need:


  • Charcoal Discs
  • Small Cast Iron Dish With Lid
  • Tealights
  • Tongs
  • Dampened Cloth
  • Fire Extinguisher on Standby


If you are burning incense or herbs, then simply lighting a charcoal disc will be sufficient.


Likewise, if you are wanting to warm something through, one tealight beneath the cauldron will be plenty. This is also suitable for speed drying herbs if you’re desperate.


For times when you require the contents of your cauldron to reach a rolling boil, building a small cauldron fire is what you need to do.


Building A Small Cauldron Fire


I like to set a small fire going in my cast iron dish. It has feet, but I still like to stand it on a large, flat stone. The cauldron fits perfectly on top.


  1. Tie back any long hair, roll up sleeves and remove pets and children from the vicinity.
  2. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case, or at the very least a dampened cloth to smother the flames if they get out of hand. I have the lid of my dish which instantly puts the fire out if i need it to.
  3. Building a small cauldron fire strong enough that it will heat the pot to boiling point requires more than just candles. This is where the charcoal comes into its own
  4. My dish is only small so I use 1 ½ discs and 2 tealights. I once used 2 1/2 discs and the fire was too big, so I had to put it out and start again. You want the flame to cover the bottom of the cauldron, and potentially rise up the sides, but NOT beyond halfway.
  5. Once the candles are lit, use your tongs to tip them sideways. The flame will liquify the wax so it pours onto the discs. The charcoal will then absorb the liquid wax.
  6. Pour gradually, until the discs are saturated. Then you want to tip a little wax around the bottom of the dish, around the discs. This will ensure the fire is even.
  7. If the tealight has gone out, light a new one, and tilt it to catch the discs alight. You can leave it nestled in with the charcoal. Make sure you use tongs!
  8. Now you have your fire to sit the cauldron on. Remember when lifting the pot off to use tongs or oven gloves. Also keep the handle pointing upwards so it doesn’t sit in the flame.
  9. Once the contents of the cauldron are ready, remove it from the fire. You should cover the flames with the cast iron lid immediately, and the fire will die.


Safety Tips For Building A Small Cauldron Fire


  • When working with fire, always remember to act responsibly, safely and cautiously.
  • Never leave a fire unattended, even for a moment.
  • Resist the urge to build it up as this increases the risk of it getting out of control.
  • Do not attempt to begin until you have the dampened cloth nearby.



 I hope you’ve found this helpful. Let me know how you get on in the comments!


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