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Magickal Correspondences: The Master List

New to witchcraft? This article is written just for you, my friend. Do you find yourself confused by which herbs are used for what to cast spells? Check out this master list of herbal correspondences for your magick. A list for witchlings and beginners by Enevow Holyer - The Eclectic Hedgewitch

What Are Magickal Correspondences?


A list of magickal correspondences sounds rather grand, but is basically just a list of spell components. It contains herbs, essential oils, roots and other ingredients. The correspondence part is simply an explanation of how they work in a spell, when used correctly.


Say for example, you want to do protection work. You would check the list, and choose the corresponding herbs/roots etc with protective properties, to begin building your spell.


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My List Of Magickal Correspondences


I’ll start by making this point: There are many lists of magickal correspondences to be found across the web.


What makes this one any different? Well, mine is a personal list, based on the contents of my ever expanding apothecary chest.


This should mean that there’s nothing too difficult to source on the list. Let’s face it, I’ve found them all, so how hard can it actually be? 😉



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Magickal Correspondences By Useage


The alphabetical lists are helpful and have their place, but I’m going to organise mine the same way they are in my herby grimoire: by order of what they do.


Some of the entries may be confusing, particularly as there are a lot of cross overs. Over the next few weeks I will elaborate more on the individual items, but for now, I’m just going to list what I use.



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Notes On The Magickal Correspondences


Anything marked with a * is also available in Essential Oil, and can be used interchangeably with the herb.


Many of the herbs without a * are also available in Essential Oil form, but as I said, this is just a list of what I own and use.


Magickal Correspondences - my master list of botanical signatures for use in spell work. By Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch


Lists of Magickal Correspondences


Protection and Cleansing


Divination and Wisdom


Luck, Money and Prosperity


Love, Lust and Sex Magick


Courage and Strength


Banishing, Cursing and Hexing


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Which herbs do you like to work with? Let me know your favourites, and anything I’ve missed. I love getting comments – leave one below. I will reply!


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