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Jezebel Root

Jezebel Root Oil - Uses and Recipes By Enevow Holyer - The Eclectic Hedgewitch

What Is Jezebel Root?


Jezebel Root is the root of the Louisiana Iris. Not to be confused with Orris Root, which comes from the blue flag Iris. The roots are similar in that you can use both of them in spells to attract love, however, the Jezebel Root is known for its drawing power for money as well as love.


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Cleo May Oil


Historically, prostitutes would use Jezebel Root and/or a perfumed formula known as Cleo May Oil, to attract well paying clients. Nowadays, this is more commonly used to attract a wealthy and generous lover. It is also a favourite with waiting staff and others in the service industry, to soften up the customer and increase the chance of a decent tip! I add Jezebel Root to my Cleo May formula to juice it up a bit, but not all recipes have it as an ingredient.


Cleo May Oil Formula


The Original Cleo May formula from the 1800s is notoriously difficult to track down, but from my research I’ve identified the following ingredients, with variations of used in modern day recipes.


Cinammon, (excellent drawing power)

Orris Root, (also known as Queen Elizabeth Root)

Lemongrass, (more commonly used in Van Van Oil)

Calamus Root, (a controlling herb)

Cypress Oil.


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The Jezebel Curse


Another use for Jezebel Root is in the infamous ‘Jezebel Curse.’ Named for Jezebel, who, according to the bible, caused all manner of shit by lying, inciting her husband to worship false prophets etc etc. So, the name ‘Jezebel’ is now synonymous with ‘fallen women’ and ladies of dubious moral character.


The Jezebel Curse is deployed against a homewrecker/ho bag/devious beeeatch (take your pick) as revenge. Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way that the best revenge on the skank who ‘stole’ your man, is to let her keep the disloyal f*cker, however, I completely get that sometimes you need to take things further to make your point.


The original curse involves holding a piece of Jezebel Root from sun up to sun down while cursing your enemy’s soul, but frankly, who has the time for that? Nowadays, it would make more sense to work the curse of the Jezebel in candle or poppet magick, or perhaps to scatter powders.


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Jezebel Root Oil Recipe including variations for different spells and tips for using it in your magickal rituals - The Undefined Witch




Jezebel Root Formulae


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For the more adventurous who would like to have a crack at making their own, here are some basics for working with Jezebel Root.


Firstly, make sure you have the right stuff. Genuine Jezebel Root is a reddish brown colour and quite tough to grind. I split mine and ground half into as fine particles as I could manage with a pestle and mortar. I added this to a base of Sweet Almond Oil, and then the larger chunks. Leave it to macerate for 8-12 weeks, shaking daily and stirring up the sediment that settles at the bottom every once in a while. Once this is ready, you have your master bottle of Jezebel Root Oil. I like to charge mine by the full moon and leave it on my altar for a while.


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3 Jezebel Root Recipes for those seeking a wealthy man.


Femme Fatale – For women seeking men.


Add to the Jezebel Oil Base:

Damiana, (a love herb)

Calamus Root, (commanding herb)

Catnip, (for the obvious ‘pussy’ connotations.)

I then add another 7 herbs, but these will remain a secret…


Homme Fatale – For Men Seeking Men


As above, but in this version I swap the Catnip for Deer’s Tongue, a popular herb used in love and sex magick for same sex relationships.


Persuasion Powder – For A Gentle Coersion


To ground Jezebel Root you would add Althea which is much gentler than Calamus Root, and has a persuasive rather than domineering effect. Also, Rosebuds and Jasmine Oil, plus 2 other secret ingredients.


To use as a powder, add to your cornflour base. For oil, steep the botanicals in sweet almond or a vegetable oil for 8 -12 weeks until it is nicely macerated. You could also add a few drops from the master bottle of Jezebel Oil.


The Jezebel Curse


Once again, I’ll be keeping some ingredients here a secret. But for a basic cursing oil you would add Chicory Root and Wormwood to Jezebel Oil, plus a good pinch of Rue to protect yourself.


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