Agnus Castus Magickal Properties by Enevow Holyer - The Eclectic Hedgewitch

Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus Magickal Properties by Enevow Holyer - The Eclectic Hedgewitch

Magickal Properties of Agnus Castus


Agnus Castus is a shrub native to the Mediterranean and Asia. It’s also known as the Chasteberry, Monk’s Pepper and Abraham’s Balm.


As with any botanical, to understand the potential it holds for use in magick, you need to look at its history, as well as the etymology of it’s name(s). In the ancient greek tradition, the Agnus Castus seed was representative of chastity, as it was within the roman catholic church. It was said that monks would carry it in their pockets and nuns would use it to line their beds. This was in a concerted effort to dispel lustful thoughts and maintain their vows of chastity.


There is no documented evidence in modern medicine to suggest that Agnus Castus does in fact suppress the libido. It is, however, well known as a useful herb for counteracting the symptoms of PMS and other ‘female’ complaints.


This includes issues with fertility. To that end, Agnus Castus would be a wonderful herb to use in spells to aid conception. The berries are also said to boost a woman’s inner strength, which would bode well for the rigours and demands of pregnancy and birth.


As always, check with a doctor or midwife before consuming any herbs. Magick should never be a substitute for medical advice.


Magickally speaking, I use Agnus Castus in spells to boost fertility, and protective spells to sustain a healthy pregnancy. The chastity connotations are also very useful within spell craft. Add to magnolia and honeysuckle for spells of fidelity and to keep your lover ‘chaste’ when away from your side and bed. If you wanted to get really nasty, it could also be used in spells to destroy the libido.


Celebrating the goddess, female intuition & psychic wisdom and ‘drawing down the moon’ rituals are also associated with Agnus Castus. As it is herb with such a feminine focus, it would interact well with Lady’s Mantle and Yarrow in spell workings of this nature.


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