Ask A Witch - How To Add Power To Your Spells, by Enevow Holyer - Practicing Eclectic Hedgewitch.

Ask A Witch – How To Add Power To Your Spells

Ask A Witch - How To Add Power To Your Spells, by Enevow Holyer - Practicing Eclectic Hedgewitch.











Hi Tuesday,

My question is about how to add power to your spells. I’m new to witchcraft and I really need to know how to power them up please? I do and say everything it tells me to, but they don’t seem to work. How can I add the missing power?



Hi Suzie,


Thanks for getting in touch, that’s a great question about how to add power to your spells.


The fundamental basics of casting a spell, are that you are raising energy, filling it with your intent, directing it, then releasing it to the universe. Put like that it sounds pretty simple I know, but as with many things in life, to fully understand how to add power to your spell, we need to break the process down.


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1. Raising Energy


There are several different ways of doing this. Some people like to hum or sing, others dance. Beating drums is another popular one, as is sex magick (as long as you can hang on until the right moment!) Personally, I like to chant, because it helps with setting my intention correctly and helps me to focus. This doesn’t have to be a loud shouty business! I prefer to mutter – mainly because I feel like a bit of a tool yelling my head off – but whatever works for you! Again, time frame is a fairly subjective issue. As a general rule of thumb, I’d say from when you feel it growing from inside your belly/solar plexus until you feel ready to explode.


2. Intention


These 2 steps go hand in hand really, as you are building energy with a specific intent. As the energy grows, you need to be able to clearly visualise what it is you want to happen. So for a money spell you might see your bank balance increasing or your wallet filling. For weight loss spells you’d visualise yourself weighing less and less until you are at your desired size etc.


3. Directing


This is when you tell the energy what you want it to do. I love writing rhyming incantations because they are more fun to say, but a few simple sentences or even off the top of your head is fine. If you are performing a 3rd party spell, this is when you tell the energy where to go. If sympathetic magick, this would be when you used your poppet/moved your candles or whatever. Basically, this is the practical bit.


4. Releasing


Once you’ve said and done all of the necessary bits, then you are ready to release the energy into the universe. Again, there are different ways to do this. Some like to ring a bell, clap their hands or thump the table top to signify it is done. Others might use a phrase like ‘So Mote It Be’ or words to that effect. I like ‘Let It Be,’ as I’m a secular witch, but again, whatever means something to you. This is where you send the energy that you’ve built out and on its way.


Casting successful spells takes a lot of practice, the ability to visualise and the discipline to focus. Wishing you the very best of luck with everything, and I hope this has been helpful in teaching you how to add power to your spells.

Tuesday x


Add power to your spells - powering up and raising energy by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch

5 thoughts on “Ask A Witch – How To Add Power To Your Spells

  1. Daniela says:

    On Etsy you have “break up spell ” my question is how can I have it, maybe I’m not yet familiar with your new site , I can’t find it .Thank you very much

  2. Jason Roberts says:

    Hi. This is a great read, I tick several of your points here.

    I like to use aspects of NLP in my spells, I find using tools that stimulate the senses adds to the creation and casting. Smell, touch, visual, audio and taste.

    20 years ago a Jehovah’s Witnesses, I see spell Work as the best form of prayer there is, I am not undermining heartfelt prayers as I feel all are answered in accord with the universe however, I see the fruits of a well crafted and cast spell.

    I am glad to of found you, I look forward to further learning xx

  3. Jesika says:

    You mentioned chanting, to build energy for a spell. What are some changes I could use? Does the chant need to be specific to the intent of thre spell? Like a love chant if I’m calling love, or a money chant if I’m trying to increase funds?

    • Tuesday says:

      That’s a great question, thank you! The chant doesn’t have to be specific, but I find it better for me personally as it helps with focus. Go with your intuition wherever possible.

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