Ask A Witch - How To Use Magickal Substitutions In Your Spell Work.

Ask A Witch – How Do I Use Magickal Substitutions.

Ask A Witch - How Do I Use Magickal Substitutions In My Spells?Dear Tuesday,

My question is, how do I use magickal substitutions? I have a bunch of spells i want to try but can’t afford a lot of the ingredients. How do you know what to use instead please?


Hi Ella, thanks for your message.


Magickal substitutions are a really important part of the craft, but also much simpler than you’d imagine.


Most of us don’t have the money to order exotic herbs from far flung destinations, and even if we did, what about the rare items that aren’t able to be sourced ethically?


Just as there are countless lists of magickal correspondences available online and in books, the same goes for magickal substitutions. But here’s the thing – these are only ever guidelines. The most powerful and meaningful spell work comes from within you, and utilises components that mean something to you.


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The key to building spells is to understand the logic behind the items you are using. Floriography and the knowledge of signatures is useful here, but what about those with no interest in plants? Well, they need to look to their own interests and draw from there. Failing that, whatever you can scavenge from your home and/or garden.


Mundane Magickal Substitutions


Even the most mundane objects can become magickal substitutions – it all depends on your perspective. I’ve seen a wonderful spell cast with lego bricks and a toy car before, by someone who needed to act quickly with what they already had to hand.


Perhaps a spell calls for a botanical you’ve never heard of that is said to attract. You might decide to substitute it with magnets or perhaps a candle (moth to a flame). Or maybe you are missing the item to secure what you’ve attracted, and have a spare set of fish hooks lying around. Use your imagination!


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I guess the most important thing is to know that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s all about using your intuition, and going with what feels right for you.


I hope this is helpful. Wishing you the best of luck with your own magickal substitutions.


Tuesday x


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Magickal Substitutions: The 411 on finding replacements and substitutions when you don't have the right spell kit. By Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch


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