20 everyday magickal items lying around your house and garden. By Tueday Thomas - the Undefined Witch

20 Everyday Magickal Items – Ask A Witch

Dear Tuesday,

I really want to be a green witch working with herbs and things, but I can’t afford to buy lots of expensive stuff. What are some cheap ones I could use to get started? Thanks!



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Hi Taylor,


Great question, thanks for getting in touch. This is also a common question, so I’ve decided to write a list of 20 everyday magickal items you can use in your rituals.


It’s surprising how many things you will have lying around your house and garden that can be used magickally. All it takes is a little imagination.


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It's amazing what can become magickal when you see it in the right light. Check out my 20 everyday magickal items you never knew you could use in spell work... by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch


  1. Sugar– to ‘sweeten’ people up and attract. Think of the phrase ‘you catch more flies with sugar.’
  2. Honey– as above, but honey also has a binding consistency to it which might make it a little more compelling than sugar alone.
  3. Tobacco– can be used as a substitute for any poisonous or baneful herb you might not be able to get hold of easily.
  4. Rosemary – can be used as a substitute for anything. Also powerfully protective. I always plant a ‘guardian bush’ outside my front door.
  5. Eggs – there are many spells utilising eggs, lots to do with cleansing and hex breaking. Another valuable part is the shell, which you can grind up to make Cascarilla Powder.
  6. Lemons – slit open the lemon, add your written curse or hex and seal it back up with pins.
  7. Garlic – for protection and warding. Also an essential ingredient in four thieves vinegar.
  8. A Pinch of Dust – taken from the 4 corners of your home can be used in house blessings and spells of protection.
  9. Bay Leaves – write your wishes on them before burning in a candle flame for a simple but powerful ritual.
  10. Tin Foil – can be used in a pinch to line a mirror box for use in deflecting hexes and curses back to sender.
  11. Ice – to put undesirable people and unwanted situations ‘on ice.’
  12. Olive Oil – a wonderful carrier oil for your magickal blends, or ideal used straight from the bottle to annoint candles and tools.
  13. Whiskers – if you happen to have a cat who sheds whiskers, these are powerful emblems for use in love spells. Think ‘the cat’s whiskers!’ Never pluck them out however, that’s just cruel.
  14. Dirt – encapsulates the essence of a place. Use dirt from your property in protection spells, or dirt from elsewhere as needed.
  15. Vinegar – to sour relationships. Often used in cursing jars or witch bottles.
  16. Salt – an essential staple for any witches store cupboard. Salt ‘does what you tell it to’ and is one of the most versatile items to have in your kit.
  17. Cloves – a spell booster. Cloves lend a forceful and compelling energy to your workings.
  18. Basil – a very lucky herb, used to bring financial success, wealth and protection. Also known to assist in decision making, and promote integrity in business dealings.
  19. Cat Nip – used in spells of beauty and for lust spells and sexy magick. Also great to use when communing with your cat or in spells for their protection.
  20. Black Pepper – A great banishing herb. Also used in Hot Foot powder, with Cayenne Pepper and Hot Chillis, among other things.


For ideas & Tips on how to Incorporate these into Your Craft, why not have a look at my Spells Section?



Hope this is helpful. Please let me know how you get on with your 20 everyday magickal items!

Tuesday x


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What other mundane items can you make magickal? Comment below with your ideas and tips.


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