How To Make Genuine Goofer Dust by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch

How To Make Goofer Dust

How To Make Genuine Goofer Dust by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch



Goofer Dust is one of the few formulas it’s best not to play around with.


Goofer dust is a pretty nasty product. That’s as far as I’m prepared to go on the morals, because I’m not wiccan and as such, am fully down with cursing and hexing. If you want a debate on malevolent magick, I’m probably not your gal, however, if it’s a formula you need, you’re so in the right place.


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Basically, when you use goofer dust or D.U.M.E. you’re calling in the big guns. It should always be thought of as a last resort, not a first defence. There is a common misapprehension that goofer dust simply ‘makes you goofy.’ Delve  into the history of this bad boy, however, and you find a darker story.


Anyway, I’m not here to lecture, merely to inform. Your business, as they say, is your business.


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Goofer Dust and D.U.M.E. Oil Recipe: My traditional formula, including regional variations, and how to use it in your magickal workings...


Goofer Dust/D.U.M.E Ingredients

  • Grave (yard) Dirt
  • Brimstone (sulphur powder)
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • Snake Skin Sheddings
  • Black Salt
  • Poisonous Plants
  • Black Magnetic Sand
  • Ground Small Animal Bones (ethically collected)
  • Venomous Insects
  • Dried Bird Shite


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Any genuine goofer dust recipe will contain the key ingredients above, perhaps with regional variations. The pretty bottles of glittery green powder are normally factory made and definitely not for real. Also, there do seem to be some cross overs between goofer dust, hot foot powder and other ‘crossing’ products. The inclusion of poisons and snakeskin would be the mark of the genuine article.


To make D.U.M.E. oil you would simply add the dust to a castor oil base.


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Goofer Dust Substitutions


As with any magickal preparation, making it your own will add to the strength, provided you do it in the right way. My substituted ingredient is the magnetic sand. In the original goofer dust recipes, anvil dust was used. Since this is so hard to come by these days, people are using magnetic sand as a replacement. My substitution is rusty iron shaved from the inside of a cemetary gate. It bears a striking similarity to the original component, and as such, will not alter the formula.


Goofer Dust Poisons


For insects, you can use whatever you find dead around the house and garden. I wouldn’t recommend killing anything in pursuit of making goofer dust. Dead spiders, wasps and other venomous insects are perfect. It’s also fairly easy to get hold of dried scorpions online these days, but you may prefer to use what is local to you.


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Poisonous plants can also be hard to find online. If you’re in the countryside you may be able to identify some Poison Hemlock growing in the hedges, but in my experience it’s very difficult to tell it apart from cow parsley and queen Anne’s lace. Don’t be disheartened however, because many other plants are actually poisonous. You could use foxglove, daffodil or lobelia for instance, and tobacco is always a good standby.


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How do you make goofer dust? Have you got a different formula? Perhaps you have a kick ass ingredient you want to share. Drop me a comment below.



2 thoughts on “How To Make Goofer Dust

  1. Tempest Galathynius says:

    I live in a country where we don’t have snakes, let alone venomous ones. I wouldn’t be able to order snakeskin online as it wouldn’t get through our customs. Any idea on substitute?

  2. Tyrel says:

    I’m reading your recipe for Goofer Dust. I think poison Ivy works for the poisonous plants or I may use a toadstool instead. Now my question. What about putting boric acid in it? Its a naturally occurring mineral and so easy to buy.

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