Adam and Eve Root Oil Recipe by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch

Adam and Eve Root Oil + Variations

Adam and Eve Root is a highly sought after botanical.


The Adam and Eve Root is from the Orchid family and is used in spells for love and marriage. So named because of their shapes, the Adam Root is long and phallic, whilst the Eve Root is round. It is said to promote a long and happy marriage if spouses carry the corresponding root about their person.


Genuine Adam and Eve Root is endangered in some parts of the world, meaning it can be difficult to get hold of. As with anything rare, it is best to obtain it from a sustainable source.


Adam and Eve Oil Formula by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch



For those not in possession of the Adam and Eve Root, the oil is a more than acceptable alternative.


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I managed to get hold of a bunch of Adam and Eve Root, but they are never guaranteed, so it made sense to me to preserve them in oil.


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Some like to soak the Adam and Eve Root in Rose Oil to activate it. Others like to add different botanicals in to the mix, but  I’m a bit of a purist. According to the bible, Adam and Eve were the original, perfect couple. They needed no intervention, and as such, neither does the oil.


I make my oil by grinding some roots and leaving others whole. I then macerate the lot in sweet almond oil for 12 weeks minimum, shaking it every few days.


Is this all sounding too much like hard work? Why not go route direct to my shop and BUY what you need! Handmade Adam and Eve Root Oil is ready to buy right HERE.


Variations On Adam And Eve Root Oil


Another use for Adam and Eve Root is to encourage a proposal within an existing relationship. In this case, it is useful to have separate versions of the oil. I make Adam’s Oil and Eve’s Oil for this purpose. I also have Adam & Steve and Anna & Eve Oil for same sex couples.


When splitting the root into separate oils, I do add other botanicals into the mix, such as Essence of Apple (which is what caused all of the trouble in the first place!) Adam and Steve Oil (available to buy HERE) contains Deer’s Tongue and Civet Fragrances along with the Adam Root and other herbs known to combine well in spells of this nature. Anna and Eve Oil (available HERE) contains damiana and catnip along with the Eve Root and other botanicals suitable for this kind of magick.


Have you worked with Adam and Eve Oil? Perhaps you have a kick ass ingredient you want to share. Drop me a comment below.

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