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Algiers Fast Luck Oil

fast Luck Oil Is A Staple Product In The Hoodoo Culture.


Fast Luck Oil is often named after the Algiers district in New Orleans. This oil is often used by gamblers before hitting the casino. Interestingly, the original formula doesn’t contain lucky hand root. I believe the root is normally carried whole, possibly annointed with one of the lucky oils and kept about the person.


For those not in possession of the lucky hand root however, the fast luck oil was a popular way to encourage Lady Luck onto your side.


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I managed to get hold of a bunch of lucky hand roots, but they are never guaranteed, so it made sense to me to preserve them in oil. For this reason, my own lucky oil recipes are built on a base of lucky hand root oil, meaning they differ from the traditional recipe.


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Fast Luck Oil (The Original Formula)

  • Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil
  • Carrier Oil
  • Alkanet


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Use Of Alkanet In Fast Luck Oil


Alkanet comes from the borage family. Its roots are often used as a dye, which comes out as a beautiful ruby red. Alkanet is also said to bring good luck in business and money matters and to protect your money. Algiers Oil is often called Red Fast Luck Oil, due to the inclusion of this root.


When adding the alkanet, be awtre that it takes some time for the colour to develop. If you add too much it turns a bloody colour, so I recommend adding a few flakes at a time.


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