Using Spell Oils and Powders - A Quick and Dirty Guide, by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch.

Using Spell Oils And Powders




Hi Tuesday,

I need to know about using spell oils and powders. You have loads for sale in your shop but no clear instructions on how to use them.




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Using Spell Oils and Powders in your magickal workings: A quick and dirty guide, byt Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch



Hi Holly 🙂


It’s great to hear from you, thanks for your message. Yes, there is often some confusion around using spell oils and powders, and for this I can only apologise. Etsy have very strict rules about what you can and can’t say in your sales copy.


The good news is that you can use your oils and powders in many different ways. Deciding what is best for you depends on your intent, ability and circumstances.


Using Spell Oils and Powders On Yourself


Oils and powders to use on the self are very popular, and one of the most versatile in terms of usage.

  1. You can sprinkle protective powders and salts around the perimeter of your home, in door ways and on window sills.
  2. Oils to affect the home, or the intentions/behaviour of one who is due to visit can be added to floor washes and cleaning products.
  3. If you have a sachet, such as a 13 herb uncrossing, or perhaps come to me or look me over herbs, these could be put in bath water or hung in a shower, for the water to pour through from the shower head.
  4. You could use oils to annoint the temples, pulse points and behind the ears before leaving the house.
  5. Powders or dusts are very effective when sprinkled in your own shoes, and also carried around for magick on the go.
  6. If you have a mojo or gris gris bag, you can also use oils to ‘feed’ it. We accomplish this by placing 5 spots of oil, in the shape you see on a dice, then holding our mojo, and feeling it grow fat and happy in our hands.


For those not yet comfortable with spell casting, I’m delighted to introduce my new range of perfume spell oils. Simply annoint yourself and go about your day – see HERE for more details.


Obviously, you must perform a patch test before using anything directly on your skin.


Using Spell Oils and Powders Directly On A Target


Many of the products I sell in my shop have originated from Hoodoo practice, where practitioners use the foot print of their intended target to get results. The belief is that the foot print carries the very essence of a person, and as such, many Hoodooists will collect dirt from the actual print to incorporate it into their spells.


The most basic way of using spell oils and powders in foot track magick is to sprinkle powder directly into a foot print your target has left, but this isn’t always practical. You can also sprinkle oil or powders where they will walk, such as the doorstep, or beside their car. It is believed that by doing this, you will cause your target to absorb your spell through their feet. So, working on this theory, you could also sprinkle it directly into their shoes or socks. If this isn’t possible, I have had great success by smearing oils where the target will inadvertently touch them, such as on door handles or objects they will come into contact with.


*NOTE* When sprinkling, the traditional way is to walk backwards an odd number of steps whilst focussing on your intention. You could also state your intention out loud for an extra boost.


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Using Spell Oils and Powders From A Distance


Obviously, the above tactics require you to be fairly close to your target, but this isn’t always possible. When using spell oils and powders from a distance, we have to get clever. Some people like to blow the powder to the winds and trust that it will find the right way. Personally, I think that requires a force of will not always present with new witches. A simpler way of doing it would be to dust some paperwork or annoint an item before posting it to your target. This doesn’t utilise foot track magick per-se as the spell would be delivered via the hands instead, but it isn’t any less effective.


This is also a popular way to use the Court Case Oil, by annointing the relevant paperwork prior to attending. In money spells you could dust your coins and notes before spending them.


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Using Spell Oils and Powders In Sympathetic Magick


If you don’t happen to know your target’s address, or even their name, sympathetick magick can be very useful. Candles are the simplest way to go here. You can carve the name and date of birth of your target into the wax, or a sigil or symbol of who/what the candle represents. Many people like to make ‘spirit powder’ and remove a chunk of wax from the bottom of the candle, stuff it with the powder, then weld it back on, before baptising the candle in the name of the one it is to represent. You would then annoint the candle with your spell oil before rolling it in the spell powder. Your candle is then ready to go.


Poppets (also known as voodoo dolls) are another way to represent the person you wish to cast a spell on. This is especially effective if you have managed to obtain what we call a ‘Tag-Lock’ which links the poppet to it’s intended target. You could use the powders in stuffing for the poppet and the oils to annoint or baptise it.


This is just a quick guide to using spell oils and powders, but if you would like to learn in more detail, consider signing up to my Witch School Waiting List.


I’m offering essential tips, hacks and things I reeeaallly wish I’d known about witchcraft before I learned the hard way… Add to this the fundamental basics of the craft, separated into manageable, bitesize chunks. Each section will also be full of practical, actionable exercises to help you ‘learn on the go.’ YOU set the pace, YOU decide what you learn and when. YOU come away with a solid foundation on which to base your practice.


I hope this is helpful. Wishing you the best of luck, Holly.


Tuesday x


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