How to work the 'I Can You Can't' spell, to gently bind the competition and increase your chances of obtaining what you want. By Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch

Ask A Witch – The ‘I Can You Can’t’ Spell.

I Can You Can't Spell by Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch


Hi Tuesday,

I’ve seen on another site there’s an I Can You Can’t Spell and I really want to do it but not sure how. I’ve applied to rent this house that I really REALLY want. It’s exactly what I need, the right size, close to work etc. There are 4 of us in the running. How do I use I Can You Can’t to beat the others to it? Thanks, Clare.


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How to work the 'I Can You Can't,' Spell, for times when you need to eliminate the competition in pursuit of what you want. By Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch.,'





















Hi Clare,


Thanks for your message. I believe the ‘I Can You Can’t’ is a hoodoo spell to gain a competitive edge, which employs the use of oils and/or powders in a ritual of your choosing.


I don’t currently sell I Can You Can’t, but I would imagine it is based on an attraction or success spell for you, followed by a gentle binding of the other people who are in direct competition with you.


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Here is my suggestion for a spell based on the ‘I Can You Can’t’ concept:


I Can You Can’t Spell


You’ll need brown parchment or parcel paper, a pen, a green candle, a pin, 3 sealy bags, Blockbuster Oil, Crown Of Success Oil and Blessing Oil.


Ideally you would start this on the first quarter or waxing gibbous moon, but if time is of the essence, just do it when you can.


Take the brown paper and draw an outline of the house. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just a vague representation. Write the street address also. Then, outside the house, draw the people who are all wanting the house. Stick figures are fine. Draw them in a queue, with yourself at the front.


Next, tear off the other 3 people in the queue behind you, leaving only you outside. Tear the other 3 people so you have 3 separate pieces of paper. Then you are going to speak kindly but firmly to each one. Tell them this is not the house for them, and that you will be the one who moves in. You can use the words ‘I Can You Can’t’ if that makes it easier for you.



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Next, you need to annoint each stick person with Blockbuster Oil before putting them in separate bags. Add water, seal the bags, and bury them in the freezer. They should be far enough in to get frozen, but it’s important you don’t lose them.


Next, take your candle and cleanse it with salt and water. Then, annoint it from the bottom to the top with Blockbuster Oil. Tell it that you are removing all obstacles between you and this house. Take the pin and scratch the image of the house onto the candle. You could also write the address, draw sigils or symbols or whatever.


After you’ve done that, take the Crown Of Success Oil and annoint the candle from top to bottom, as if you are pulling something in, towards you. Set the candle in a holder. I like to use a candelabra, placing the main spell candle in the middle, and lighting tea lights either side annointed with my Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil.


Take the drawing of the house, with you stood outside, and annoint it, first with Blockbuster, then with Crown Of Success Oil. You should dab it in a ‘5 mark’ like you see on dice. Then fold it, turn it once and fold again, and continue until it is folded up like a parcel. Place this under the candelabra.


Your ‘I Can You Can’t’ spell is now ready. You can burn the candle all in one go, or in increments – however you see fit. Be sure to snuff or pinch it out between burnings rather than blow it out. Whilst it burns, gaze into the flame and visualise yourself moving in to your new home and living there happily.



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After 7 days, it’s important to let the other people out of the freezer. Your intention isn’t to hurt them, just to get ahead. Put the bags into tepid water to defrost them just enough to open them. Then tip blessing oil over each one in turn. Wish them well in their search for a new home and thank them for letting you have it. Then you want to tip them out of the bags, flush them down the toilet, and walk away without looking back.


I hope this is helpful. Let me know how you get on!


Best Wishes




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2 thoughts on “Ask A Witch – The ‘I Can You Can’t’ Spell.

  1. Asha Thornton says:

    Hi Tuesday,
    I found this on Pinterest and think it is something I want to do. But when I go to look for the oils you have suggested using to anoint candles etc, it’s not available. Are you able to let us know what is in each one or what oil you might suggest to use as a replacement?
    Many thanks,

  2. Sylvia Uriegas says:

    can this work on a person we are fighting for custody? The father after years away decides to come in and just take her one day and not give the child back; can this spell work for that too?

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