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Hi Tuesday,

What is the onion love spell please? I heard it is a powerful spell and I want to know how to do it.  Thanks, Ade.


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Onion Love Spell - different ways to harness the power of the onion in your magickal workings. By Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch





















Hi Ade,


Thanks for your message, it’s good to hear from you. The onion love spell you are asking about is most commonly used when we want to reunite with a lost lover.


There are many different types of love spell, just as there are many different occasions when you might use one. Whilst onions are mostly known for their warding and banishing properties, I believe the ritual you are referring to is the Onion and Pin Love Spell for reconciliation between lovers.


Other Onion Love Spell Options


If you are wanting a spell to find new love, onions would not be my first choice, mainly because there are many other options which are, in my opinion, more effective. However, if you are into your kitchen witchin’, you could perform an onion love spell of sorts when preparing a meal. It is said that onions increase a man’s vigour and virility, so stands to reason that it would be a good addition to lust spells and sex magick. For matters of the heart, red onions would be most powerful because of the symbolism contained within the colour.


For other kitchen ingredients you can use in magick, have a look at this post.


Due to their association with protective and defensive magick, an onion love spell could be used with Banishing Oil or Drive Away Salt to great effect, to ward off a love rival. Another idea would be to combine it with Clarity Oil in spells of communication and honesty, or when you need to ‘peel back the layers’ to get to the heart of the matter.


Finally, because a buried onion will sprout roots and grow, you could use it in a love spell for longevity and stability. Carve your names on the bulb before planting, and as it develops strong roots and grows to form flowers, so too will your love blossom. Be sure to tend it well, as you would your relationship.


Alternatives To The Onion Love Spell


An excellent alternative to using onion in a love spell would be the humble apple. Cut one in half and observe the pentagram shape contained within, then share the other half with your partner to ensure happiness in your relationship. If you are looking for love, apple blossoms can be carried in a love attracting mojo, and the seeds can be planted during the waxing moon. Take good care of your seedlings, and as they grow, so too should new love.


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I hope you find this helpful.

Best Wishes

Tuesday x


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