Stay With Me. Fidelity Spells To Keep Your Partner Faithful.

A Fidelity Spell To Help Keep Your Partner Faithful.

The idea of a fidelity spell can be an emotive subject.  In fact, any spell that attempts to influence another person’s free will is frowned upon by many wiccans and witches. Personally, I don’t think it is that black and white. My belief is,  as long as you have really thought about it, and are prepared to live with the consequences, using magick to your own advantage is fair game.


The Implications Of A Fidelity Spell.


Unfortunately, a fidelity spell isn’t always that easy, especially if you find yourself trying to work on behalf of a partner who doesn’t want to remain faithful. Prevention is better than cure as they say, so the simplest fidelity spell is one that is put in place before the other person has a chance to even consider looking elsewhere. All well and good, but this is a questionable strategy for those who believe in the law of attraction. You don’t want to create a self fulfilling prophecy.


If your partner has already strayed, it is important to consider the long term implications of this breach of trust. Only once you’re completely sure you both have a future together should you attempt this kind of work. As with any spell, always be prepared to live with the consequences. If you decide to split up further down the line, how will you cope with your ex partner still being bound to you?


To read more about the implications of this kind of magick, and the truth about reconciliation spells, have a look at this article.


And last but very much not least, how will you feel being in a relationship that was magickally fixed? Will you be forever wondering if it is free will or magick keeping your partner there? Would you feel entirely fulfilled never quite knowing?


Your business is your business and I’m not here to judge. If you’ve given it some thought and are cool with it all, then look no further.


Simple Fidelity Spell Ideas


If you don’t want to tempt fate and are just looking for a couple of simple measures to put in place, there are a few botanicals which are said to promote fidelity between lovers:


Basil – carry the leaves close to your heart to keep your loved one from straying.

Balm of Gilead – said to ease marital problems and dispel troubles caused by a third party.

Honeysuckle – grown around the door or bedroom window, is representative of a sweet and binding love.

Rosemary – gently and lovingly binds a couple to each other. Hang fresh sprigs above the bed.

Cumin – given to carrier pigeons to ensure their return and so known for promoting fidelity. Sprinkle in your partner’s shoes, and leave a tiny trail from your door to the bed.

Magnolia – petals under the bed are said to prevent your other half from looking outside of the relationship.


If you’d like to read more about which herbs do what, check out my Apothecary HERE.


Fidelity Spell Oils and Dusts


If you would like to go one step father and actively cast a fidelity spell, there are a few products available to assist you in your workings.


Stay With Me Oil.


This spell oil is made using a mixture of compelling and fidelity herbs, with an element of lust. A perfect combination to compell your lover to make good on their promise to be faithful, whist giving them good reason to stick around. This is available to buy, infused with intent and ready to use, from my shop HERE.


Feeling confused? Get some ideas and tips from my article Using Spell Oils and Powders.


Adam and Eve Oil


Variations for same sex couples are Anna and Eve Oil, Adam and Steve Oil, Adam’s Oil and Eve’s Oil.  These oils are designed to foster faithful relations between couples. Also double up as a powerful component of marriage spells. You can buy my hand crafted Adam and Eve Oil, ready to use from my shop HERE. Sprinkle the oil around your bedroom and a drop in your lover’s shoes.


How to tie up his or her nature - a hoodoo spell for fidelity


Hoodoo Fidelity Spell


There is a hoodoo fidelity spell in which you ‘tie up’ your partner’s nature, making them unable to perform sexually for anyone but you. As mentioned before, proceed with caution!


Tie Up His/Her Nature Fidelity Spell


In order to do this you need a piece of white string the same length as his erect penis, or roughly 6″ long for a female. Tie the beginning of a knot in the middle, but don’t pull it tight. Keep it away from prying eyes, maybe under your pillow or in a pyjama pocket.


You will need a sample of his semen or her sexual fluids to annoint the string. This can be accomplished however you find it easiest (!!) however, if you are having penatrative sex, traditionally the man should do all of the work and the woman should not climax. Next you must stay awake until he or she is asleep. Take your annointed string and call their name. As they reply, pull the knot tight. You have now tied his or her nature. You can repeat this on 9 different occasions, using fresh fluids each time, to completely knot them up. Secretly place the string in a small red bag and keep it close to you.


You could also use it in a fidelity mojo with personal concerns of his, relevant herbs etc (7 or 9 items) and Stay With Me Oil to feed it.


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I’d love to hear your thoughts on fidelity spells. Do you think all’s fair in love and war, or are you completely against messing with free will? Drop me a comment below.


3 thoughts on “A Fidelity Spell To Help Keep Your Partner Faithful.

  1. Rebecca Tow says:

    To me all is fair, but one must remember that being specific down to the smallest of details is very important when using spellwork to get what you want. Example as a young witch , I did not understand the potency or what I was asking for when I used a Deadly Attraction oil with a knot spell, dressed a candle and wore for a couple days- asking for my lover to love only me and to want to stay with me. I was infatuated and all I wished was for him to desire me equally
    Well. It was quite close to deadly. More than once. He became violent and when I begged him to leave and live elsewhere he refused. I didn’t know what I had done until I came across the bottle a month or so after he was gone. It took a long time but one evening after begging and crying to Mother Moon to please help me take this man from my life. To just show me what I needed to do so that I could be safe. Within an hour of that connection, he was arrested on 2 felony charges & has not been released since. I wanted him to love and desire me. But my intention was selfish and manipulative and he certainly felt the Attraction. Lesson learned.

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