Why didn't my spell work? Steps you can take to troubleshoot your magick by Tuesdy Thomas - the Undefined Witch

Why Didn’t My Spell Work? – Ask A Witch.


Dear Tuesday,

Why didn’t my spell work? It was a return to me love spell and I used the oil and a red candle but she hasn’t come back. I feel so frustrated because I really concentrated hard and gave it my all. Am I rubbish at magic? What did I do wrong? Suzanne.


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Why didn't my spell work? A look at the most common reasons behind spell failure and how to troubleshoot your magick. By Tuesday Thomas - The Undefined Witch





















Hi Suzanne,


Thank you for messaging me. If I only had a pound for each person that’s asked me ‘why didn’t my spell work?’ It’s so frustrating when our magick doesn’t go as planned isn’t it! Especially when we’ve poured our heart and soul into it, and have so much invested in the outcome. The most important thing to remember is that this is not a reflection on your ability to spell cast. I don’t believe for a second that you’re ‘rubbish at magick.’


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In order to give our spells the strongest chance of manifesting, therefore giving us less to worry about, we need to take a few things into consideration.



Why Didn’t My Spell Work? Steps To Troubleshooting Your Magick.


  • Consider Timings


My first question to you would be: what makes you think your spell didn’t work? Magick has an annoying habit of manifesting in its own sweet time.


Often, there are things happening ‘behind the scenes’ that we might not be aware of. It’s not uncommon for many months to pass in which we think nothing is happening, only to discover our spell has worked after all. An experienced witch knows that these things will happen in their own time, however, it doesn’t hurt to have a trick or two up your sleeve when you want to move things along a bit.


Instant coffee and ginger are both great additions for when you want fast results. Ginger should always be used sparingly, however. Another great way to encourage timely results is to conduct your workings to coincide with the appropriate lunar phase. Often, a spell conducted at the dark or full moon (depending on intent) will come to a natural conclusion by the time that lunar event rolls around again.


  • Set A Clear Intention


The ability to focus your intention is a very important part of creating successful spells. In order for it to work, you need to know exactly what you want to happen. If you only have a vague idea of your desired outcome, the results will only be vague at best. Think of it like a search engine. If you google ‘beef’ you will get a million different results, not all of them relevant. Google ‘how to cook beef stew’ and those results become more defined.


In order to be able to state your intention confidently and succinctly, you need to spend time thinking about specifics. Wording is also important. I make a point of stating it as if it has already happened. Consider the repurcussions of ‘I am in a happy, loving and committed relationship,’ vs ‘I want to find a partner.’


Only include what you do want, as opposed to what you don’t want. Think about the search engine again. ‘Recipes for beef stew,’ will get you what you exactly that. ‘Recipes for beef stew, not pork stew,’ will likely throw up recipes for both kinds of stew. Google doesn’t really know the difference, it is simply picking up on the keywords in your query.


Many new witches make the mistake of trying to cram too much into one spell. Break it down into smaller, actionable chunks and work one at a time. A spell to try and stop your partner from cheating AND get revenge on the one they cheated with is unlikely to be accomplished all at once. A spell to strengthen the bonds in your relationship, then a spell to encourage fidelity, followed by a banishing spell for the third party is far easier to pull off.


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  • Try A Little Patience


One of the most important lessons we learn as practitioners is to let the newly cast spell go and not think about it for a while. Fretting that it isn’t working is counterproductive, in that it disrupts the energy we’ve worked so hard to build and send out. If you are constantly worrying at it, wanting to know when things will start happening, you are sabotaging your own success. Obviously this is much easier said than done, however, patience is one of the lesser known of the skills needed to become a successful crafter.


The most beautiful way I’ve seen this described is that we must ‘adopt the knowing that it is done,’ then go about the rest of our day.


  • Be Realistic And Proactive


You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘energy takes the path of least resistance.’ This also applies to magick. When we are sending our intention out into the universe to manifest, we need to give some thought as to how we can help that come into being.


Any fans of Orange Is The New Black might remember Gloria the santera’s assistant. She had to deal with an unhappy customer. He bought the job candle, he put the job application under it, he burned it and he prayed… but he didn’t get the job. Gloria’s response? Did you remember to actually send off the application? He had not.


You can be the best spell caster in the world, but there’s no way you’re getting that job if you don’t actually apply for it. To increase your chances of success, you need to do your bit in the mundane world too. A spell to lose weight is a tempting prospect, but it’s never going to work unless you change your eating habits accordingly. A spell to increase your will power and ability to make healthy choices is a more realistic approach. It’s all about creating a path for the energy to follow. The universe will deliver, but you have to meet it halfway.


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  • Know When To Accept Defeat


Now this is a tricky one. Sometimes there is no clear reason why your spell didn’t work out, it just didn’t. For every spell that’s failed me, the reasons have become apparent in the fullness of time. I didn’t get the job I wanted because something even better was round the corner. I didn’t get the house I wanted because the neighbours would have made my life a living hell.


At the time, a spell that flops can be a blow to your confidence, but try not to see it that way. Next time you find yourself wondering ‘why didn’t my spell work?’ consider this. If you’ve followed these steps and can still find no good reason why, maybe it’s just not meant to be.


I hope you find this helpful, Suzanne. Wishing you the best of luck with your rituals.


Tuesday x


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2 thoughts on “Why Didn’t My Spell Work? – Ask A Witch.

  1. SCOTT WALKER says:

    Hi Tuesday,
    I haven’t tried anything with the reconciliation oil yet. I’ve been having a bad flare up of my retina disease and the neurological damage caused by the medication that the specialist prescribed to treat it. When that happens I have cognitive issues and concentration is impossible. I know that you have to have good mental focus and concentration for anything like this. I think that the autumnal equinox has passed. Would Halloween/All Hallows Eve be a good time to perform this on? In the U.S. Halloween is on October 31 And any special time? I bought my wife a couple Christmas ornaments that she would love. Maybe dab a bit of reconciliation oil on them along with my half of her heart locket?
    Anyways Thank you Again Tuesday and I hope your partner is doing well since the surgery.

  2. Deonta says:

    I’m a new Wiccan and very serious about my religion! I’m from South Georgia and really need advice on my ritual/spell casting. How do I find a very small coven ?

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