What Is Enevow Holyer?


Enevow Holyer is cornish for ‘follower of the soul.’ This site was set up by cornish hedgewitch, professional tarotista and my good friend and mentor, Jasmine Cox. Enevow Holyer is her ‘witchy’ name.


As the new owner (eeeep!) and with Jasmine’s blessing, I’ve re-branded as The Undefined Witch.


Why Undefined?


In labelling our craft, we’re aligning ourselves with that specific and defined way of doing things.


As a new witch, I was completely overwhelmed by the rules and regulations  imposed on each different path. What if I only wanted to practice the bits that were meaningful to me? Each time I decided what kind of witch I wanted to be, something would crop up that didn’t quite sit right.


So I decided to screw the rules and build my own eclectic path. By drawing from different sources, I’ve created something uniquely tailored to my skillset and requirements. And I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to do the same 🙂


The Undefined Witch


Please do stay for a while and have a look around. We’ve only recently changed hands, so you may come across the odd broken link – sorry! I’m aiming to make this site a friendly, relaxed and interactive resource for beginners, established practitioners and anyone interested in the craft.


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Just A Sec...

Success! You have now sold me your soul... *JOKE!*


Interact With The Undefined witch


I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with the craft. What do you do and how do you do it? What sort of things would you like to read about? Perhaps you have some tips to share or a burning question. Please do get in touch in the comments box below, or contact me HERE.


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