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Welcome to the Ask Jasmine virtual fire pit 🌎☁🔥💧


Fire: one of the five elements so much a part of hedgewitchery. Fire has the ability to simultaneously cleanse or destroy, heal or hurt, nurture or annihilate. Witches have guarded their fire pits carefully through the generations, harnessing the energy, and duality contained within.


During my life,  I’ve sat around many fire pits sharing good times, partying raucously and meditating peacefully. Cornwall is a very spiritual place and I’ve had the privilege of learning from some gifted magick workers over the years. The fire is truly a place where people congregate. The smoke signal goes out like a beacon calling waifs and strays to its warmth, security and the conviviality contained within its glow.


Ask Jasmine


People have been opening up to me since I was a child. I was cutting my advice worker teeth on other peoples’ problems long before my training and subsequent career in counselling and guidance ever got going. For an immature empath this is both a lovely and potentially harmful thing, however it set me on my path and developed the skills I use most often in my adult life.


Ask Jasmine is a judgement-free space to come, stare into the virtual flame and soak up some wisdom. For advice on life, love, the universe and everything in between, from a hedgewitch perspective, please leave a comment below, or message me.


☆☆☆ Unfortunately I am unable to publish and respond to every Ask that comes in, particularly requests for information already published on the site. ● To increase your chances of being published, please take a moment to check out  my GRIMOIRE or look below to see if the topic has already been covered. ● I have a lot to squeeze into my days, so it may take a while for me to respond. ●  Many Thanks! ☆☆☆


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4 thoughts on “Ask Jasmine

  1. Jake says:

    Hi Jazmine please can you help me. My girlfriend left me but I didn’t do anything it was because she had a fling with my mate. First I was gutted and wanted her back but now I want her to stop chatting Shit about me. How can I make her stop?

  2. Natasha says:

    Hi Jasmine i had been thinking about an ex love after we parted unhappily,i unexpectedly bumped into him after wishing for a sign he still had feelings for me,he sort of made it a point to go oh god when i walked into the room,so i blanked him as i was hurting i noticed he kept glancing over at me but my chest felt tight and unable to breathe,i wished id been brave to say hello but was hurt the way he reacted to seeing me,is it possible he acted that way due to having feelings for me still,i just wished id said hello as i still hold him dear to my heart.

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