It goes without saying (but I’m going to anyway!!) You should ALWAYS do thorough research before picking ANYTHING out of the hedgerow and ESPECIALLY before ingesting or applying ANY plants, herbs or spices for medicinal use. Stick by the foragers rule ‘if in doubt, leave it out!’


I am work with herbs and oils on a daily basis and see the results with my own eyes. However, I am NOT a qualified herbalist. I offer suggestions and ideas based on the concepts of Traditional Hedgerow Healing. These are in NO WAY designed to replace the advice of a fully trained medical professional.


Prevention is always better than cure. I believe that natural remedies should be used to support the body’s inbuilt defences alongside conventional medicine. Obviously there can be interactions between herbs and medications, so you should ALWAYS research properly before beginning a new regime.


If you are already taking medication, please make sure you check with your doctor and/or trained herbalist BEFORE introducing any natural remedies. Some herbs and medicines can interact unfavourably.


It is incredibly important that you research any alternative therapies or natural remedies before embarking upon a new regime. Just because the raw ingredients are natural, it does not automatically make them safe for consumption. Always check for potential interactions or contraindications between what you are proposing to use and any medications you currently take.

If you are in doubt, consult a trained herbalist or medical professional.




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