Jasmine’s Grimoire

Jasmine’s grimoire (as with all witches) is her ‘bible’ or encyclopaedia if you prefer to leave the religious implications out. Known by some as the book of shadows, a grimoire is filled with spells, rituals, incantations, herbal knowledge and various other information pertaining to that witch’s magickal practice.


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Jasmine’s grimoire has been contributed to by many generations of witches and cunning folk, so the majority of the content is ancient and somewhat outdated. By building this site, Jasmine has been continuing her life long study of the left hand path, and updating everything to make it relevant to 21st century life.


 Jasmine’s Grimoire Basics

Hedgewitch FAQ

Hedgerow Healing

Spellcraft Basics

Essential Oils 101

Nature’s Own Pharmacy


Jasmine’s Grimoire – Ask A Hedgewitch

Ask Jasmine – The Virtual Fire Pit

Advice On How To Avoid The Fake Psychic Medium


Jasmine’s Kitchen Remedies For Common Complaints

Jasmine’s Ginger and Honey Cough Mixture

Jasmine’s Rattly Chest Oil

Jasmine’s Thyme Honey Recipe

Jasmine’s Cold Sore Healing Lip Salve

Jasmine’s Cold Sore Tincture

Jasmine’s Stinky Feet Remedies


Jasmine’s Grimoire Spells

Jasmine’s Spell Oil Blends

Jasmine’s Return To Me Love Spell

Jasmine’s Simple Love Spell

Jasmine’s Spell To Silence A Slanderous ex

Jasmine’s Mandrake Money Spell