Oils, Powders and Dusts – The Magickal Formulas

Magickal formulas can differ depending on where you find them. Some like to rely on the traditional while others prefer a more modern approach.


Anyone who visited my shop when it was open will attest to the fact that I have a fair few different oils and dusts available, depending on the circumstances that call for a magickal intervention.


The truth is though, I only have a handful of ‘base formulas’ that I add extra ingredients to, as needed. A good example is my compelling oil. It is made with herbs known to compell and command the person it is used on. In Hoodoo, this is called ‘essence of bend over.’ I then add what is needed to steer the oil in a specific direction, eg Bend Over and Tell The Truth,  Bend Over and Pay Your Debt etc.


I’ll start by saying, I’m not intending to list the recipes for each and every product I make. A lot of time, energy and passion has been poured into them and I wouldn’t be doing myself any favours by handing them out willy nilly. However, we all have to start somewhere, and I’m always happy to help a sister/bro out as far as possible. I recommend you check out these basic formulas, and use them as a foundation to create your own masterpieces. No quantities are stated because I work intuitively.


If you need a little heads up on which botanicals do what, have a looksie at my master list of correspondences HERE.


Traditional Magickal Formulas

Algiers Fast Luck Formula

Adam and Eve Oil

Black Arts Oil

Cleo May Oil

Dark Destroyer Oil


Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil

Goofer Dust

Hot Foot Powder

Jezebel Oil



Tuesday’s Magickal Formulas

Adam’s Oil

Eve’s Oil

Adam & Steve Formula

Anna & Eve Formula

All Purpose Spell Booster

Attraction Oil

Banishing Oil

Bend Over Formula

Clair Formula

High John Oil

Lucky Hand Formula

Money Drawing Powder