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Hello and welcome to Tarot By Jasmine.


I am an intuitive empath with twenty plus years experience of working with the tarot, and a background in counselling and advice work. I am also clairsentient and claircognizant, which means I can feel and know things going on beneath the surface that other people tend to miss. My cards tell me the story of how that looks in real terms.


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About Tarot By Jasmine


I firmly believe that a tarot reading should be an empowering experience. The most insightful readings always start with a well thought out, open ended question, asking for advice and guidance around a specific issue. Whilst certain spreads can be used when you require a yes/no answer, this is quite a limiting way to use the information on offer and you can miss out on some real gems by keeping the blinkers on. At Tarot By Jasmine, I aim to offer a reading to suit all queries and budgets.


Tarot By Jasmine Policy


It is important to remember that YOUR future is YOURS to create for YOURself ๐ŸŒž The tarot cards themselves can be a guiding light along the way, but ultimately you are driving your own destiny wagon, and any reading worth having should empower you to do just that.


I offer insightful, compassionate readings in a friendly, non judgemental environment. There is a tarot service to suit all budgets, delivered to you by email or via live messenger. There are some subjects I will not read on as part of my TABI code of ethics. Please make sure you have read and agreed with my T&Cs before making your purchase from the Shop.


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Jasmine Cox, Professional Tarotista