Inside A Witch’s Store Cupboard


Enevow Holyer Hedgewitch Essentials


By The Pricking Of My Thumbs, Something Witchy This Way Comes…


The majority of my witch’s store cupboard comes from the hedgerow and my own garden. I harvest and store common ingredients by the season, for use all year round. Wherever possible, I also like to work seasonally with what is fresh and to hand, to give my spells extra oomph! Found objects also play a big part. Often whilst out foraging for plants I will come across various natural treasures like discarded bird’s egg shell or mole hill dirt, and incorporate these into my rituals.


Much like in cooking, spell results will vary depending on whether the ingredients are fresh, dried, or a combination of the two. Knowing which is best for what comes with instinct and experience. One of the things I love the most about hedgewitchery is that there are no hard and fast rules. Listening to your intuition and going with the flow often results in a more powerful spell anyway, so don’t be afraid to let loose.


Here is where you will find the lists, recipes, rituals, preparations and random ingredients that make up the contents of the modern hedgewitch’s store cupboard. For further herbal resources check out Nature’s Own Pharmacy and for more information about spell work, Hedgewitch FAQ and Spellcraft.



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